Recycled Coffee Grounds

I always remember my old granny is being teased by serving hot rice coffee every time even on very hot summer day in tropical Philippines! My family are just totally coffee drinker and I married a coffee drinker. As for me, I can live without coffee but I found coffee grounds beneficial for my garden. I used them in my garden and composting.

We make a daily pot of coffee so we have coffee grounds as excellent source of organic matter for my composting everyday. One best thing that I discovered if you need more coffee grounds supply for your compost, Starbucks can give away their coffee grounds free ready in a recycling bag. I’m sure other local coffee bar doesn’t mind also if you go and ask them. They would be happy for you to take off their hands!

Coffee grounds are nitrogen-rich approximately 1.45%. They also contain magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other trace minerals. These are the uses of my free collected coffee grounds:

  • Use for composting, as noted they are valuable source of nitrogen.

  • I add grounds directly to the soil in my garden and pots of plants. Can be sprinkled around or combine with your potting mix soil.

  • Can be a slug and snail barrier. Coffee grounds are both abrasive and acidic, so a barrier of grounds placed near slug-prone plants may just save them from these garden pests.

  • Make coffee ground “tea.” Add two cups of used coffee grounds to a five-gallon bucket of water. Let the “tea” steep for a few hours or overnight. You can use this concoction as a liquid fertilizer for garden and container plants. It also makes a great foliar feed.

  • Add coffee grounds to your worm bin. Worms love recycled coffee grounds! Add some to your worm bin every week or so. Just don’t add too many at once, because the acidity could bother your worms. A cup or so of grounds per week for a small worm bin is perfect.

 Worm composting is something I need to try this spring.

2 thoughts on “Recycled Coffee Grounds

  1. Never thought about composting my coffee grounds. Will definitely be doing that in the future. Thanks for the information, I’m new to home gardening, these posts are a great help.

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  2. You are fast! I just asked this question in a previous comment that I left and here I see it in the post before it. Now I know about how to use coffee in my garden and what it can be used for. No more slugs for my tomato plants!

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