My Green Garden Plant Tags

One important lesson I’ve learned from preparing my seed planting in our greenhouse is to remember to put down labels on every kind of seed I sow. And while waiting for the weather to warm up perfect for planting, I better get my plant tags ready and our daughters can help too.

There are a lot of ideas online from pinterest to garden websites for garden plant tags. If you are not into handicraft, you can always buy from store. But if you are like me who doesn’t want to spend a dime if possible, you can make use of whatever available without spending.

Our daughters love to collect rocks/stones whenever we go for walk or to the playground. I can use their rocks as plant markers and I can even ask them to help and come up with these stone markers.

trimming-plant-tagsThe easiest we made together is to recycle any white plastic tub or milk jug, wash it properly then cut into strip in a way you want for your plant tags. Then get a sharpie, write the name of the plant on the tag – viola! Your seed or plants are just labeled, no more confusion or waiting until the plant comes out where you can identify them.

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  1. What a great idea! I have always tried other materials that just end up washing away or decomposing before the plants are mature. I will start using my old containers and make my very own plant tags from now on!

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