Backyard Vegetable Gardening

Growing your own vegetable plants in your raised vegetable garden beds is very rewarding, not to mention a savings on grocery bills. There is no doubt about the quality of food that’s grown in your own vegetable garden, and the nutritional content and taste are much better than most vegetable plants you can buy in most grocery stores. Growing your own vegetables in your raised vegetable garden beds is also fun and gives you a sense of satisfaction. It started out being just a hobby, but now we have a real passion for gardening in the backyard.

My parents are farmers in the Philippines, so I guess that is where I inherited my green thumb. I grew up with rice farming and vegetable gardening, so growing all kinds of tropical vegetables all year round was a way of life. I always had the urge to built a backyard vegetable garden when  I moved to a house with a large backyard.

Now that we are here in Texas, we built raised beds for my vegetable garden. We’ve been gardening on these beds all year round from spring, summer and fall and has supplied us with fresh vegetables right from our own backyard.

 Sophia-Watering-Vegetables     Shannon-with-Seedling

Raise vegetable bed gardening is something I’d never experienced before. We have been gardening vegetables for 3 years now, and we have seen savings on our grocery bill as well has having great fun vegetable gardening, watching all the vegetables grow. Well maybe not huge savings, but the produce certainly tastes better, and is organic, and the kids really like helping out gardening and watching the vegetables grow. We just built the basic bed, just framed beds using wood boards (2 x 10 x 10 or 12 ) of course according to the space available in our backyard.

So why not build your own raised bed vegetable garden in your backyard. You will have great fun, your kids will really enjoy growing their own plants and vegetables, and you might not save alot of money on your grocery bill. But it will be fun and educational for you and your family.


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